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Suar Wood Bar Counter Table Top

Suar Wood Counter Table Top

Suar wood has a unique look and execusite grain and when it comes to suar wood furniture manufacturing, Suar Wood Singapore is the first stop! We are a solid wood furniture manufacturer who makes you the best furniture for home and office. We specialize in custom made uniquely designed furniture you require.

Exotic bar counter outlines with beautiful wood embeds create a flawless atmosphere. Our custom made solid suar wood bar counter with thick wood layer make it an entrancing scene to be found. The solid wood works remarkably to the smooth surfaces and clear lines offering general shelf space on the top giving elegant designs.

The best part of using a solid raw suar wood is its attractive and luxury look with long life. They are more tough and reliable hardly making any sound. Tell us your requirements and we will customise you the product you want.

Suar wood is well known for its quality and you will feel better not to be afraid to break it rapidly. It will never end up plainly old and could be easily maintained and repaired. It comes totally with the natural finish with different color and pattern that will give a classy look. Suar wood counters have the remarkable ability to hold their esteem and highly collectible art piece. Visit our warehouse showroom displaying a wide selection of dining table, living room furniture, office furniture and more!

We bespoke furniture design service that is made to fit the client’s specifications with the correct size and design you require and create custom – made furniture for our business clients for use in restaurants, house and office. We are a unique craftsman in Singapore that will make your dream come true. Buy the most sturdy hardwood extremely suitable for your furniture making it truely interesting!


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