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Raw Suar Wood

Furniture is a essential requirement where human beings are supposed to live and what material furniture to be used is a major task. Be it an office or house, if it is not well furnished it will look odd. Raw suar wood has been the standout among the most often wood used to build furnishings and Suar Wood Singapore manufacture the best suar wood for your home and office.

From a wide variety of choices available, picking the correct raw wood is essential to finding the right piece of furniture for your requirements. The Albizia Saman or the Monkeypod tree is the main source of raw suar wood. The tree is 25 meters tall and 40 meters wide, used in South East Asian countries in the manufacturing of furniture. Console tables, dining tables, chairs, etc are manufactured out of raw suar wood. Our specialists craft the best suar wood furniture that gives a modern look and complement any of your room. In every part of the world suar wood has advanced itself as the type of raw wood that is affordable as well as investment that one wont’ regret in the future.

Suar Wood is called by various names in different parts of the word. In the West, it is often referred to as Monkeypod, Parota, Acacia, South America Walnut and the Rain Tree. The biggest factor responsible for preferring suar wood is its durability and maintenance. Simple water and soap will clean the furniture. Suar wood proves to be a more affordable option.

Suar Wood Singapore customize the furniture according to customers requirements. From choosing the table top to choosing the legs of the table Suar Wood Singapore will customize everything. Table designs can go as far as your imagination. Suar Wood gives the best quality for your furniture requirements that is not a compromise at all !

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