Your dining room is never complete without a dining table, and there is nothing like having a solid wood dining table because it is beautiful, durable and easy to maintain.

Solid wood adds to the exemplary class and imaginative attire that people love about customary dining table.

Dining table produced using solid woods tend to feature perplexing hand cut designs and inconspicuous features that must be finished by experienced craftsman like we at Suar Wood Singapore.

High quality craftsmanship essentially cannot be reproduced utilizing mass manufacturing methods. In a modern dining room, solid wood works extraordinarily to including warmth and texture for a differentiation to the smooth surfaces and clear lines. Modern interiors can be cold and sterile but a touch of wood makes the dining room feel more welcoming.

One of the biggest advantages of solid wood dining table is the quality construction process used to create pieces that will last a lifetime.

The presence of screws, nails or even worse glue, is an awful sign. Quality wood dining table would require development techniques like dovetail joinery, mortise and tenon, and dowels. These techniques are unrivaled because they are considerably more tough and reliable. Metal edges with screws and box springs that make up a metal bed can make a great deal of squeaking when getting out of it.

A solid wood dining table utilizing the above techniques listed above will barely make a sound, and that is what we use in Suar Wood Singapore.

Suar Wood

Another motivation to utilize strong wood for your dining table is the longevity of solid pieces. On account of the high solidness, they can be passed from generation to generation. Old pieces can even be reeled and transformed into new furniture pieces. An extra purpose behind you utilizing strong wood for your dining table is that it can be sawed down and resurfaced to give old furniture another life, utilized over and over again by different people.

From variou solid wood choices available, picking the correct crude wood is fundamental to finding the correct piece of furniture for your necessities. A tree as tall as 25 metres and as wide as 40 metres, the Albizia Saman or the Monkeypod  Tree is the wellspring of Suar Wood, an assortment of wood broadly utilized in South east Asian countries in the assembling of furniture. Tables, Chairs, cupboards, mirror frames, as well as benches, are manufactured out of Suar in countries like Singapore. In every part of the world, Suar wood has popularized itself as the kind of crude wood that is pocket-friendly as well as an investment that one won’t regret in the future.

The biggest factor responsible for Suar being preferred for making furniture is its durability. Suar falls in the category of hardwood. Natural decay, as well as dry wood termites are highly unlikely to be found in furniture made out of Suar wood. Sizeable tables are widely made out of this type of wood, and due to its impressive wood grains and uncanny strength, it makes the ideal pick for dining tables. Compared to Teak wood, Suar wood proves to be a more affordable option.

Since 2015, Suar Wood Specialist has been based in Singapore with a carpentry workshop and warehouse that are ready and capable of customizing handsome bespoke pieces of furniture out of Scandinavian Suar Wood. We at Suar Wood Singapore are the best choice for you when it comes to getting the best crafted, unique solid wood dining table in Singapore.

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