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What’s a dining room without a dining table?

A solid wood dining table top is the finishing touch that will instantly add pomp and sophistication to any dining room. Inviting and luxurious, Suar Wood Specialists Singapore’s selection of Wooden Table tops will have your kitchen transformed in no time!

Our solid wood dining table tops have intricate hand cut designs and almost-unnoticeable features that are unique to each dining table top. That’s right – all our solid wood dining table tops are unique!

Each Suar Wood slab is crafted with maximum precision and effort for the best quality you can find in Singapore.

One key reason for the superb quality of our wooden table tops is our meticulous craftsmanship. Amidst the world of mass manufacturing and mass production, our team of craftsmen remain loyal to personalized and handmade crafts. We believe that high-quality craftsmanship cannot be reproduced through mass manufacturing methods. Our art pieces are exquisite yet functional – our dining table tops fit perfectly in any modern dining room. A touch of wood from our slabs instantly add a touch of warmth and cosiness to any dining room. Our slabs can easily make the dining room feel more welcoming. One of the biggest advantages of using a solid wood slab crafted by our team of Suar wood Specialists is the quality construction process that will last a lifetime.

Some common shortcomings of mass-produced dining tables include the presence of screws, nails or the worst of them all – glue. Likewise, metal edges with screws and box springs in a metal bed can make a great deal of squeaking when getting out of it. A quality wood dining table would require development techniques like dovetail joinery, mortise and tenon, and dowels. These features are unrivalled because they are relatively tough and reliable.  We promise you that a solid wood dining table with solid wood slabs from our warehouse, that utilizes these techniques will barely make a squeak!

Suar Wood

Longevity – another reason why our wooden dining table tops are the best in Singapore. They last more than a lifetime and can be passed from generation to generation. In fact, you can even revamp your old dining table at our warehouse! Bring us your old solid wood dining tables – we will happily saw them down and recraft them to give old furniture new life.

Picking the correct crude wood from an extensive variety is fundamental. Today, Suar wood has attained worldwide popularity as a pocket-friendly investment. Suar wood is the descendant of Albizia Saman (or the Monkeypod Tree). Like its offspring, the Albizia Saman stands tall at 25 metres and wide at 40 metres. It, too, is a multipurpose tree that has attained significant recognition in Southeast Asia for its durability and versatility.

Finally, the biggest factor that makes Suar wood popular for making furniture is its durability at low costs. Suar wood is in the category of hardwood. Suar wood neither decays nor attracts termites. Their impressive wood grain pattern and uncanny strength make our Suar wood table tops the ideal pick for dining tables. Suar wood is also the most affordable hardwood in the market.

Since our founding in 2015, we have strived to craft the handiest and most inviting dining table tops for all our customers.

Customize your own Suar wood slab with us today by contacting us here!

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