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Solid Wood Table

Living your home that distinctive feel that makes it your own while retaining pure and natural elegance has never been easier with Suar Wood Specialist. Based in Singapore, this solid wood furniture importer and manufacturer sources only the absolute best Suar Wood to create special and unique sold wood pieces for your home or office.

Since 2015, Suar Wood Specialist has been based in Singapore with a carpentry workshop and warehouse that are ready and capable of customising handsome bespoke pieces of furniture out of Scandinavian Suar Wood. This durable hardwood that is used to design the splendid pieces of furniture in Suar Wood Specialist collection.

Suar Wood, which is also known by the names of Monkeypod or Albizia Saman, is one of the strongest and longest lasting types of hardwood indigenous to South America and Indonesia. Thanks to its lasting qualities, it’s a perfect choice for fashioning exquisite wood furniture. Thanks to the gigantic size of the tree, typically up to 25 meters, it makes creating a long meeting table out of one solid piece of pure and elegant wood possible.

This wood is naturally beautiful, and because each tree is unique in its own way, every piece designed by Suar Wood Specialist is completely different too. If you and your neighbour were to each choose a solid wood dining table expertly crafted by Suar Wood Specialist, each table would have very noticeable distinctions thanks to the natural growth of the wood. You’ll discover something special about every item designed by Suar Wood Specialist, from wavy natural patterns to banded grains.

The trees used in creating your exclusive customized pieces of solid wood furniture aren’t needlessly butchered either. The wood used in the production of these gorgeous earthy pieces is approved by the Ministry of Forestry and is certified eco-friendly. Suar Wood Specialist obtains wood that comes from South America, from trees removed for development or construction projects, or from trees that are cleared by the locals. That means you can buy one of these brilliant solid wood furniture items with complete peace of mind. It’s a tree that is very abundant and is in absolutely no danger from being wiped off the planet.

Solid Pine Wood

Are you wondering how wood furniture crafted from heavy, solid pieces of wood can enhance your home? There are so many ways to make it function for you and fit your own personal style. A dining table designed by Suar Wood Specialist can be created to your exact specifications. No more wondering if a piece you like will fit into your living space. It will be created to fit the dimensions you provide perfectly. You can also choose from shapes and sizes, as well as finishes and design elements. Want a rounded edge to your dining table? Would you prefer a shape that’s anything but standard? Suar Wood Specialist will craft your dining table as you wish.

Short, long, round, there is nothing that can’t be made by Suar Wood Specialist. Beyond dining room tables, you can choose patio tables, bathroom counters, consoles, and more. Have a bench created to complement your new table for the perfect sitting setting!

The process of preparing the wood Suar Wood Specialist uses for creating these one-of-a-kind solid wood furniture pieces is very extensive. The wood undergoes a high-pressure celcure treatment that preserves it thanks to a special solution that is applied. It penetrates the wood down deep into the cells of the timber to protect it from fungal decay and insects, going well beyond what surface coatings typically do. In this way, you can be sure your solid wood furniture investment is protected whether it is used inside your home to accentuate any room or outdoors on your patio.

Home offices will look more grand with a perfectly carved Suar Wood table or desk to command from. Outside the home, give your office a touch of refinement by having a meeting table crafted that will make every client envious. For succeeding in business, looking the part is critical to winning, and with a resplendent meeting table nothing could make your business look more regal.

The many options available to you for adding a natural element that adds strength and beauty into your living and working spaces are indeed impressive with Suar Wood Specialist. Adding a solid wooden furniture item, especially one that is completely unlike any other in the world, to your home or office takes your interior design to a whole new level.

In fact, one of the biggest design trends for 2017 is the incorporation of a natural element into your rooms. Stone looks proper in bathrooms and kitchens, but in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices, the warmth of wood helps make a modern space more friendly and encourages more harmony.

Because the tables designed by Suar Wood Specialist have modernly-styled legs to support them, they give the piece a more streamlined and sleek look that allows it to blend seamlessly with other modern décor. This lovely and functional design touch is a brilliant solution that will make adding one of these sturdy, solid wood furnishings an asset to your home.

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