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Wooden Table Singapore


Wooden Table Top 2

Are you tired of replacing table tops every now and then? Do you need a table that is sure to stand the ruckus of your busy home while providing aesthetic appeal? Then the Suar Wood Table Top is for you!

The Suar wood table top is crafted from a rapid growing hardwood found in Southeast Asian rainforests. Unlike other table tops which are designed from jointed wood planks, this solid live-edge wood slab is elegant and beautiful to look at, giving your home a distinctive appeal.

One beautiful feature of this wood type is its varying pattern. Each log of suar wood is spots a distinctive grain and color pattern. This is why crafting table tops from these woods require the service of a skilled person. In the hands of a skilled craftsman, this wood can be used to create unique furniture pieces including table tops, benches and more, each providing unique flow and colors. This is where Suar Wood Specialists Singapore come in.

We are a company that is dedicated to providing clients best Suar Wood to help craft distinctive furniture for your home and office. We import suar woods from certified suppliers in Southeast Asia. The slabs supplied are then worked on to help create a unique piece of furniture for you.

Why Use our Service?

Our team of professional and experienced craftsmen are always on hand to transfer your vision for each piece into the suar wood slabs, helping to carve out the unique design that sits well with your home setting. We provide you with distinctive Suar Wood Table Top with Wooden Leg Support and Bench here, in Singapore. Some reasons to use our service include:

Professionalism: We are a team of professional craftsmen and this is why we put in every bit of our ability to provide you with the best quality while following a professional approach. All suar woods delivered are inspected thoroughly before working on them. This is to ensure you get the very best quality, helping you get more value for your money.

Durable Pieces: Suar woods are known to provide two things- beauty and durability. Having furniture crafted by experienced men, using distinctive real materials, you are sure to get furniture that is strong enough to handle the knocks and stress of a busy home than the cheaper tables. In fact, no other company builds a table to provide this durability for a lifetime.

Innovative Craftsmanship: Our uniquely crafted table stands out from the mass manufactured pieces in the market, giving you a solid suar wood table top with wooden leg support and bench in Singapore with distinctive pattern and design that sits perfectly with your home style and setting. With innovative craftsmanship, these tables are not just functional- they are a piece of art!

Suar Wood Specialists offer distinctive suar wood table top with a unique customization option which gives you the ability to create your unique design. We deliver customised bespoke suar wood table tops, Suar Wood Table Top with Wooden Leg Support and Bench in Singapore, helping your home feel a unique vibe with a distinctive pattern.

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