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Suar Wood Table

Suar Wood TableSuar Wood Table

Let’s face it – it’s difficult to find a durable yet aesthetically charming wooden table top. It’s especially a hassle to replace!

Here at Suar Wood, we offer wooden table tops and woods for all purposes!

Our wooden table tops are crafted from a rapid growing hardwood found in Southeast Asian rainforests. The wood slabs are elegant and naturally beautiful.  Our solid live-edge Suar Wood table tops do not only give your home a cosy Scandinavian feel, they are also functionally robust and able to withstand the heaviest weights.

One captivating feature of our wooden table tops is its intricate irregular pattern. Each of our wood slabs is unique as each log of Suar wood spots a distinctive grain and colour pattern.

Our skilled team of craftsmen from Suar Wood Specialists Singapore strive to preserve the unique colours and patterns of each Suar wood piece.

Want your dream wooden table top now? Contact us by clicking this link.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of professional and experienced craftsmen are always ready and able to make your visions a reality. We are dedicated to crafting the best wood slabs for all our customers for their homes.

We provide distinctive Suar Wood Table Tops with Wooden Leg Supports and Benches in Singapore. Some reasons to use our service include:

Professionalism: We are a team of professional craftsmen and we put in our utmost effort in all our crafts to provide the best quality suar wood. All wood slabs are inspected thoroughly. This is to ensure you get the best quality possible and your money’s worth!

Durable Beauty: Beauty and Durability – the two key features of suar wood. Our wood slabs are guaranteed to withstand the stress and weight of all household types.

Innovative Craftsmanship: Each slab that leaves our workshop is unique. That’s right – there is no twin in the market, at all! Each wooden craft is handcrafted with intricate and distinct patterns and colour. We take pride in ensuring that all crafts retain their utilitarian functions and aesthetic value – all our works are unique pieces of art!

Here at Suar Wood Specialists Singapore, we encourage our customers to innovate and customize their own Suar Wood Slab to fit perfectly with their rooms and homes. Get in touch with us today by clicking this link for a one-of-a-kind wood slab!

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